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who we are?

Touch Cloud is a Taiwan startup. We are creating AI software for industry 4.0 and surveillance using deep learning. We fulfill massive and high-dimensional numerical data analysis in automated plants, and we also provide the solution for defect detection and classification together with Automated Optical Inspection equipment.

In addition, Touch Cloud also applies deep learning technology to real-time image analysis in surveillance applications. We offer end-to-end solutions from cloud computing infrastructure to artificial intelligence applications for our enterprise customers.

Our Belief

At Touch Cloud, we believe that having a diverse and open minded team will help us to create high value AI solutions and reach new waves of innovation. We aim to help our enterprise customers to innovate with AI and believe that only with the incorporation of different viewpoints can our company vision be achieved.


AI Surveillance

Video and live streaming analytics in real-time, detect abnormal objects and activities.


Improve the defect identification and detection of AOI(Automated Optical Inspection). Provide the defect classification capability with domain knowledge learnt by AI.

Industry 4.0

Abnormality prediction and root cause analytics in manufacturing plants.

Edge Computing

Run AI on edge device with high accuracy and performance.

By running custom neural networks on the Intel® Core™ and Intel Atom® processors or Movidius Myriad VPU, Touch Cloud can provide visual recognition solutions for detection, classification and pose estimation tasks.

memory Intel® OpenVINO

Intel® OpenVINO toolkit improves inference performance up to 10 times faster, reduces CPU loading and enables an edge device to support more channels.

It also supports Intel® FPGA and Intel® VPU. One toolkit supports all, developers are free from installing the corresponding SDK for each device.

AOI manufacturing process
Nx Witness VMS ecosystem
AI Surveillance

Nx Witness VMS Integration

Nx Witness VMS is a customizable IP Video Management platform, all devices connected with it can be our resource to identify objects for specific application.


Defect classification with AI

During the manufacturing process, defects could be introduced and harmful to the quality. It is necessary to classify the defects detected by AOI machine appropriately especially killer defects. The higher accuracy to classify defects, the less cost spent on review and repair station.

AOI manufacturing process



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